I enjoy the challenging and often complicated process of finding an opportunity; of adding real, physical value to a project and seeing the end result come to fruition.

I am lucky to work in an industry with such a wide range of interesting characters and projects. Every day is different and you can always do something to improve.

I find satisfaction in bridging the worlds of finance and real estate, translating intangible strategies into tangible real estate success stories.


Chris Bonner (MRICS)

Head of Asset Management

+44 (0) 20 3817 5559 | Email | LinkedIn

Working in the most exciting city, with projects from Mayfair to Hackney to Soho and Borough means there is never a boring day in the office.

Living and growing up in London it is exciting to now be working on projects that are having a material impact across the Capital. I enjoy spending time really getting into the detail of the design of projects to create best-in-class buildings which stand out from the crowd.

James Schaller

Senior Analyst

+44 (0) 20 3905 2461 | Email | LinkedIn

Reviving and restoring buildings, transforming them into industry leading assets is what excites me to work in the heart of the capital alongside a great team

Aoife Carroll

Executive Assistant

+44 (0) 20 3817 5555 | Email | LinkedIn

It is energising and rewarding being part of a dynamic and professional team, responsible for keeping the wheels well oiled.